Touching the heart…

Once in a while, something profound comes across and touches the heart providing -at the least – some moments of oneness with the divine. And even if it were just a few moments, one does realise that this is the kind of experience which has in it the power to change lives and to be a sustaining force forever.

Last night I had the good fortune to witness the arangettam ceremony of a group of children. There were different groups ranging from beginners to seasoned dancers, my daughter also being part of them. As Methil Devika, the guest of honour at the ceremony said, when art touches the heart of the beholder it achieves its highest level of communication. Indeed, it transcends the physical form and turns into a spiritual experience for both the performer and the viewer.

I am frankly an ignoramus when it comes to classical dance and though my daughter does often patiently explain what she does, the finer nuances are lost most of the time. And yet, last night, I could see that I was witnessing something deep and intense and I yearned to let it resonate within me. The artiste, her art and music melting and coalescing into a singular entity which could only be worship. Worship for what is perfect, unadulterated and sacred.

I was frankly envious of those performing because the inner joy that comes from their art was there to see. In this day and age when fulfilment has become another word for the shallowest of gratifications, to truly feel fulfilled is rare. I do believe that there is something wrong in our society when self-worth starts being measured in the number of ‘likes’ it earns per hour. Training our children to delay gratification, to work patiently towards it with discipline and dedication is something we all ought to do. This does exactly that. I know that my daughter is a better person because of this. She was graceful in her acceptance of our compliments on yesterday’s performance but admitted that she had miles to go. That probably is the core of what art is, that one doesn’t finish ‘learning’ it but that it is a continuing journey and that is the joy in it.

Vineeth Radhakrishnan, himself a dancer par excellence and silver screen star, who was the chief guest said last night that it is indeed good fortune to be invited to these ‘Saraswatinilayams’ . I am so glad I got invited too! Methil Devika also said that art becomes a companion for life, by your side forever no matter what. I do hope and pray that it does for all these young students, enriching their lives always.


~ by inmyneed on April 8, 2017.

2 Responses to “Touching the heart…”

  1. Sebu Nice… my daughter liked the constructs a lot. .

  2. Glad to hear children learning our classics. May she shine brightly in her future endeavors.

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