The idle mind stirs… Again:)


Its been a while since I last wrote on my blog. I guess that happens with most of us. The initial burst of enthusiasm which inexorably wanes with the passage of time and the involvement in other things.
If needed to cite reasons I probably can reel off several but the fact remains that the most telling of those would the lack of a ‘felt-need‘ to blog. I just didn’t feel the need to… That’s it…
To start off (again), I am posting some verse here. A poem and an attempt at ‘haiku’.
Be gentle with them, its been a while.


You departed, Forever young
Leaving us and the gang
Aging and human
While you remain
Forever smiling, forever young

Ephemeral beings we huddle
Seeking the warmth of a cuddle
As you endure, beyond care
Away from the steely stare
of Pain and Despair

Is this Immortality then?
To transcend time when
Memories eternal and evergreen
Preserve you in frames ever-seen
Everlasting in the minds of men

I did not seek it
If this be it
And I seek not
For those mine this thought.

And the haiku… I just love this form of verse. The brevity and restraint  of haiku are so remarkable!
Here goes…

“The Solitude of Guilt”
The wind bears no scent
but guilt in parentheses
And his solitude.

Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful 2017 🙂


~ by inmyneed on December 30, 2016.

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