Dear daughter…
Proud I am…
Happy further still…
That you too have
Begun to savour
The bitter-sweet joy
of creation..

May the muse
be with you everwhen
you feel the need.

All my love
Boopa 🙂

Naina’s first story – written all by herself on a lazy afternoon…


The Paul family was a family which did not have to worry about money, as Mr. Paul was president of the United States. Their house had about a hundred rooms, but Pinky Paul was wishing to buy a dog. Sadly, Mr. Paul would not let her to do so. He had said you won’t take care of it and it would be a waste of money. So Pinky had decided to buy a dog with her pocket money and train it by herself on the same day. But Mr. Paul knew this and would not give her enough money to do so.

One day, as Pinky was walking home from school with her best friend Gabriel, they saw a dog in a ditch; it was whining very painfully. Pinky who was full of pity, took the dog out. They saw that it’s back legs were bleeding. “Oh Gabriel! The poor thing’s back legs are bleeding. Let’s take it home and nurse it.” “Okay, but let’s keep it a secret and then we can nurse it by ourselves” Gabriel said.

They took it home and washed it’s legs under the garden tap. Pinky then took an old napkin and tore it in half and used them as bandages. They took two old rugs and put them in the garden shed. They carried the dog and laid it on one rug and covered it with the other. Pinky got some water in a bowl for the dog and then Gabriel bought some biscuits from the house.

After this, for a week, they gave the dog, which they found out was a black collie, food and water. One day, Gabriel came running to Pinky’s house and called her. Gabriel had seen a poster saying that somebody had lost a black collie answering to the name Blackie, and would reward them twenty dollars. They then went running to the police station. They told the police the whole story. The police then called Mr. Paul and told him everything. Then he called the dog’s owner, Mr. Haven. The police told the girls to go home.

After some time, there came Mr. Haven with Blackie and twenty dollars for the girls. He gave it to them and went away. Pinky then bought a dog called Puggie. Don’t you think she’s lucky??


~ by inmyneed on June 26, 2010.

5 Responses to “Joy…”

  1. All the making of a screenplay writer…. All the best. God Bless

  2. Great work Naina. This is wonderful. Keep writing and be creative. you’ll go places and we all will be proud of you.
    Sameer Uncle

  3. awesome!!!:):)

  4. Well written, we will wait for more from you. Keep at it!

    Loved the father’s words too.

  5. Dear Naina, stumbled upon the link to this from FB. I’m so happy I got to read through both the stories. Great they are! Good train of thoughts, good usage of words… I know there are many more to come from you… Keep it going! May God bless!

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